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Why we don't heal fully from trauma

There are many reasons that we don’t heal fully from Trauma...

· Don’t know where to start or who to see that can help


· Denial

· Locked into our physical body

· Secondary Gain

· Fear

· Adaption

· Available Energy

· Suppression

These are a few that come to mind but I am sure there are a few more that I haven’t thought of.

I am only going to address two from this list as they are currently on my mind and they are not often addressed by other therapies.

Available Energy

Available energy is what I test before, during & after every session with a client.

It isn’t about how much energy you have or don’t have it is to do with how much energy your body has to heal itself. Your body has the capacity to heal itself, it is innate and when you come to see me for a session your body does the work I just help facilitate it.

Let me explain how Available energy works and why it is so important…

Every time you have something happen to you physically, emotionally or mentally the body responds or reacts to these stimuli. The body has a way of healing itself & brings it back to homeostasis or (normal). Normal limits or Homeostasis can shift over time when the body can’t regulate or heal itself any longer to go back to normality to a new level of normal or homeostasis will be created so too with available energy.

The body can only heal to a certain percentage and the more trauma, negative input, stress, drugs (medicinal & recreational) shock, injury and so on that occurs the body will be left with a deficit.

So layers upon layers of unhealed ‘stuff’ for a better word get stored as the body no longer has the capacity to heal itself which then lowers the available energy.

Over the years I have tested this on all my clients. Children don’t usually have a low percentage unless they have been subjected to a lot in their short lives, adults however range from 60 -0%.

I have noticed that the more artificial drugs you put into your body the lower the available energy.

With all the fear & stress we have been under in the past 2 years I suspect all our available energy levels will be on the decline.

Unless this available energy is corrected & brought up to the high 90% no proper healing can take place with any modality.


Suppression is a complex subject as it can be created on all levels ie: biochemical, electrical, emotional, and

structural. It is a repressive factor towards the healing requirements of every individual to be able to express the needs of the innermost spirit.

Healing a suppression is not easy because once it’s created finding it can be most difficult.

Dr C Hering observed ‘Laws of Cure’ to find appropriate Homeopathic remedies to heal his patients from said suppressions.

I have seen over the years how suppression manifests when untreated. New diseases & symptoms replace the old ones but we don’t put 2 & 2 together that this is the reason.

The other important factor with any healing modality is that healing should be done in the right context. If healers make a decision that this is what the client needs without finding the cause or root of the disease, suffering, or symptoms then they will create a suppression this is out of context and not in alignment with the ‘Laws of Cure’. Even if the client feels better & the issue or symptoms go away they will eventually manifest as something else.

It is so important to be aware & conscious of how we heal, treat & what we put into our bodies so that we can maintain the best healing possible on all levels.

My motto is ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’, without your health you don’t have a quality of life.

So take care of yourselves on all levels:

· Drink plenty of fresh water

· Meditate or walk in nature

· Give gratitude

· Self-maintenance

· Rest

· Positive self-talk

· Let go of things that no longer serve

· Forgive yourself & others

· Love yourself & your body

· Eat healthy nourishing food

· Take Supplements (test first)

· See a Kinesiologist for a tune-up

Yours in Health - Ilona - Body Mind Harmony


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