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Trauma & Drama ~ the journey towards wellness

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think anyone has ever had some form of trauma or drama in their lives.

I know it’s a bold statement but how can we have journeyed through our lives thus far without having been impacted by something either personally or globally?

The thing is that we all perceive and deal with things differently.

An example is siblings growing up in a dysfunctional, abusive home, both see it differently. One becomes the black sheep/scapegoat because she’s aware & questions the other is in denial and suppresses it as nothing bad has ever happened.

Or perhaps globally when we see all the horrible things that go on in the world we all reacted differently and have differing points of view.

All our stories are different, how we deal with events & situations is different and how we do life after trauma/drama is different.

When we have been traumatised as a baby or young child we are not always conscious or aware of what happened because we don’t possess the brain functions of say a 7-16yr old to make cognitive sense from it.

During my time as a Kinesiologist, I have seen people get stuck at the age of the trauma. For example as a teenager, your parents separated/divorced that is the age that becomes where you go back to when dealing with what’s happening at your current age. It’s become a reference point/anchor of how we deal with stressful situations. We always go back to patterns of behaviour that either worked for us in the past at that certain age of maturity, however, these patterns don’t tend to work when you are in your 30-60yrs of age anymore. This then leads to all sorts of dysfunctional emotions, thoughts and reactions.

When someone says ‘Let it go’ or ‘it’s just a story’ or ‘toughen up’ apart from wanting to punch them out , it minimizes what has happened and makes people wrong for where they are at. It’s a form of ‘Gaslighting’ & it’s judgemental.

Traumatic events can lead to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or Complex PTSD.

However we deal with trauma & drama in our lives depends on how we function in our daily lives, in our relationships and how we see the world. Our thoughts, behaviours, who we attract into our lives, what we think we deserve, how we look after ourselves, how we react to others & situations are all driven by our past.

Our body has an innate recuperation system, it has the ability to heal itself, however over years of repeated ‘stuff’ happening the body is unable to fully recuperate to each event which then gets stored layer upon layer of unresolved ‘stuff’ until the physical body starts presenting us with various symptoms like unexplained aches & pains, migraines, anxiety, cancer, infections etc (the list is endless)...

So I guess you might be wondering can I get my body to recuperate and heal itself after years of trauma and drama?

Yes it can...

There is no 'one fits' all to the healing process...

I myself have tried many different modalities to help me on my journey to wellness...

I have found Kinesiology helped me to go back to where the problem first started and heal it from there. Healing in present time is important as it’s impacting on you right NOW, but for long term healing, you need to heal it from where it first started. This is where muscle testing comes into its own directing the practitioner and person to that time to be healed. The opening of the hidden, unseen, untold pains/issues in areas of the body/mind brings together healing and consciousness to fully integrate, resolve and create new ways of being.

The persons innate ability to heal kicks in and directs the practitioner to what is required for healing to take place...because we are all so different, everyone’s story is unique and how we heal is also unique, a one technique/protocol won’t fit all, so letting the body take charge and direct the practitioner to what is best for that client/person at the time is the key that unlocks the natural healing ability to do its work.

What can you do for yourself when you find yourself hooked into drama?

· Walk away – create space between you and the drama

· Be in the question...ask ‘what is right about this situation I’m not getting’

· Watch your reactions/responses...see it as an ‘interesting pint of view you/they have that point of view’

· Don’t get caught up in other’s drama

· Reconsider the relationships you have with others

· Be mindful & be present that you are not the one creating/contributing to the drama

· Take responsibility for your actions

What can you do if you are faced or have had trauma in your life?

· Seek out a competent therapist that can help you

· Remove yourself from what is causing the trauma ie: relationships, TV, social media

· Remove yourself from people that minimise your feelings – seek out positive supportive people that will listen to you.

· Create a safe space to retreat to

· Create a self-care regime – looking after yourself physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually is important.

· Meditation & mindfulness

· Positive self talk – watch how you talk to yourself keep it positive

· Create clear/strong boundries

· Be grateful to you that you have chosen to be here & you are a contribution

· Find some humour – even though you might not feel like it laughing is good medicine

· Get plenty of sleep, water, sunshine & eat well – take vitamins if you need a boost

If you need support working through trauma & drama that you have experienced in your life make an appointment with me. I can help you release the shackles that bind you in old the outmoded patterns, reactions and heal the wounds so that you can start living a life of ease, joy and wellness.

Mob: 0414704560

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