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Elephant in the Room

Firstly a sigh of relief as Mercury turned direct this week however it will be in it’s shadow phase so we still need to be cautionary until that finishes.

I have noticed in recent years that each Mercury Retrograde has been challenging in it’s own way.

Maybe I’m more attuned to the energies these days but talking to others during this particular Retrograde we all concur that it has been a real doozy, and the other night someone said it was a ‘cow’ lol...

@Bigskyastrology wrotThere's a great opportunity for change with the current Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio...

Will you accept the challenge & embrace change?e:

Not every Mercury retrograde period is a nightmare of miscommunication and missteps, but this one, which began at Halloween, has been frightful. That’s possibly because fleet, facile Mercury has been retrograde in Scorpio, a deep and thorough sign. Over and over these past few weeks, we’ve been tripped up by tree roots that have been sucking up our resources for months, if not years, before surfacing. “Exactly when were you planning to finally deal with this?” asked an uncharacteristically stern Mercury.

And so, like moving the sofa to vacuum underneath, we’ve been unearthing figurative dust bunnies, loose change, cat toys, rogue snack foods. It hasn’t been a fun or easy process. But as Mercury turns direct (Nov. 20, 11:12 am PST), it feels good to have tackled some of the unpleasant matters we’ve been putting off. And it feels good to reclaim energy that we’ve long been investing in things that cannot benefit from it.

So how have you been travelling, traversing through this time?

I have been honoured and blessed by assisting clients in clinic to verbalise the ‘stuff’ or as it's also known as the thing that would not necessarily be talked takes courage, vulnerability and honesty to divulge ones secrets...

It’s also known as the ‘Elephant in the room’.

What is the worst thing that could happen if you addressed the ‘Elephant in the room’?

Embarrassment, Shame, Self loathing, Anger, Fear, Judgment, Failure, Fraud?

What if it was Freedom, Relief, Joy, Ease, Understanding or Oneness?

When you have things that are hidden & have not expressed them, they become something...

They become our defense patterns our push buttons and our illnesses. Addressing them is vital to our wellness and our spiritual growth.

My story:

I know all too well about the ‘Elephant in the room’ it was called Alcoholism...

No-one talked about it (what happens at home stays at home)...20 something years later I needed to look at & work through my not so good life...

The way I felt/thought about myself, life & family allowed me to address that ‘elephant in the room’ ...I found that I was not a horrible person and that how I felt was not unlike others that were in the same sort of circumstances... The relief and gratitude I felt was enormous, a weight was lifted from me and I stopped wearing the mask of shame...I became real & stronger from that awakening...

I see that my journey was a preparation to help others in a non-judgmental way and be the (hopefully) inspiration of how much better life can be when we rid ourselves of the so call trauma & dramas that have been our lives.

Whatever your story is and what you secretly think about yourself & the situation you find yourself in is not a life have the power to transform those thoughts, feelings and situations into a positive & enlightening experience once you let it out into the light just as I and my past clients have.

Some helpful & healthy ways to deal with the so called 'Elephant in the room'

· Find someone you can trust to talk through your story with or join a group that addresses those issues.

· Know that you are not alone in what you have been through.

· Be kind & gentle on yourself.

· Find ways to heal those wounds.

· Know being vulnerable & real is OK.

· Journal.

· Meditation.

· See a therapist.

Healing starts with you making up your mind to no longer carry the burden of the 'Elephant in the Room' with you throughout your life and relationships.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about how I work or to make an appointment to create a life of wellness and positive possibilities.

Mob: 0414 704 560


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