Astrologically speaking...Nov19 energies

I have just put out my newsletter in regards to what is happening for us all in November. There is some exciting energy abound, and in this blog I want to share how to handle the energies & a little info... A confession to start with...I'm a bit of an astro fan...I studied Astrology seriously for 3yrs and wanted to become an Astrologer until I had to sit exams and then I decided it was too hard... I did do readings for people when I lived in Perth and found that I didn't like knowing 'stuff' and not being able to help people deal with it all... My Astrology teacher (a virgo) always said that what was in your chart couldn't be changed....I begged to differ on that point of view and I eventually showed her that change was possible even with a challenging chart. Which is when I found Kinesiology or it found me and my life has changed for the better ever since. So the heads up on the latest Astro happenings is that I feel could be the impetus for change..if you choose to accept the challenge...So are you ready to take the plunge & shift things that are no longer working for you? My motto is #bethechange, you are the only one that can make that decision to change and when you do everything around you will change as are the ripple in the pond that creates the energy of change.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury Retrogrades are usually interesting times...generally speaking it's said that it's not a good time to sign important documents, buying electrical or other significant purchases, beware of electronic devises because of issues/failure/loss, travel delays/issues and communication breakdowns in general... So by knowing these things we can be prepared... Starting on the 30th October to the 20th November we are in the middle of the Retrograde & then we have the shadow period either side, (pre from 11/10 - post to 7/12). Being in the shadow period currently, I am already experiencing the energy with both myself & clients confusing appointment dates and FB do random stuff.... But why am I particularly interested in giving you the heads up on this retrograde? Well it's in Scorpio and that means hidden, covert energies will be there to test us....Scorpio rules the 8th houses and is to do with other peoples money, sex, inheritances, magic, death and transformation.... So this affects all of us but if you have any planets or angles in Scorpio you will definitely feel it's effects personally.... This is a great time to dive into the depths of stuff that you haven't wanted to address the yucky stuff that oozes out unconsciously or the unfulfilled wishes, dreams and passions we have... The Mercury Retrograde cycle is a good time for introspection and to become more aware of your own patterns.Mercury is “the soul guide”, and the retrogradation period can show us the way to our souls.Mercury retrograde in this area will determine us to be more introvert, to analyze our thoughts and feelings – and maybe to discover (or to accept) certain desires we’ve hidden or blocked until now.

So how to deal/heal in this period...

Start by honoring yourself and your feelings...things will surface...allow it... Take time to regroup, have time for introspection and self care...Be open & honest with more hiding...We all have yucky stuff that we don't want to remember or verbalize... When we keep secrets hidden they can manifest into physical issues...

Ask open questions when things arise ie: "what do I need to understand about this?" "Is this mine or someone else's?" "What else is possible?"

Do some journaling if that's your thing...


Forgive yourself and others....

And if all is too much or you feel it's time to do some deep clearing during this amazing period of transformation then consider an appointment with me to help you create the freedom and ease you deserve.... Blessings to you all...

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