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Multidimensional Healing Sessions

Why would you need this?

If you have had enough of being stuck where you are and are wanting a chance at the freedom to create the positive changes you have only dreamed about. The ones that will then spread throughout the rest of your life so you can move forward to your dream.

A session with me will shift the energy so you can:

  • Create harmony and balance in areas of your life that have been constricted with fear and worry in the past.

  • Have a greater understanding on how to focus your thoughts and emotions in positive directions that create amazing possibilities.

  • Develop a calm mind that it allows you to hear your true self which increases positive self-talk, relationships and a brighter outlook on life

  • Understand and find relief from physical pain, leaving you to enjoy better overall health with increased energy and enthusiasm.


What does a session involve?

On arrival, I will get you to complete a Client form which includes general health questions as well as the reason for the consultation and what you wish to gain from our session.

We will start with having a chat, I like to work with solutions rather than problems and will hone into what positive outcome you desire in your life, this will be what we will work towards in the session.

Every person is unique, so each session (or balance) is centered on what it is you want to achieve, and what your needs are at the time. Then you get to relax on a treatment table, fully clothed, with shoes removed. The session can also be performed sitting or standing if required.

If you have not had a session with me before I will explain how muscle monitoring works and throughout the session, I will let you know what I am doing and why.

Sessions will take 1.5 hours in duration.

I will use muscle monitoring as a biofeedback method, which allows me to communicate with your body on a neurological level. I work in large contexts; this gives me an insight into the imbalances and the opportunity to clear greater amounts of hidden blockages. Throughout the session, your body will be guiding me to the right correction that then allows your body to heal itself. I work with my client's highest good at all times which allows the unfolding of the healing journey.

Having been practicing for over 20 years I have many tools that I have gained over those years that I utilize in a session. Your body, through muscle monitoring, will direct me to the most beneficial tool/s that will create new pathways that will allow you and your body to create long-lasting changes.

Are you ready for long-lasting changes?

If are ready to discover what it would be like free from the old outmoded way of being, book your Holistic Healing session with me now.

Start living your bright and brilliant future today!



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Ph: 0414 704 560 or


Clinic is situated in Spencer Park with easy off street parking.

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